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Heyward Incorporated traces its roots back to 1908, when T. C. Heyward, Sr. established a proprietorship in Charlotte, North Carolina, to supply mechanical equipment to the burgeoning municipal and power industries in the southeast. Over time, this proprietorship grew into a premier sales agency serving the Carolinas and various southern states. 

In the 1950s, the business evolved into T. C. Heyward and Associates, and with T. C. Heyward’s retirement, it transitioned into Heyward Incorporated. In the late 1990s, Heyward Incorporated underwent reorganization to better align with the evolving needs of its customers, leading to the establishment of Heyward-Charlotte Incorporated, also known as Heyward Incorporated, with a concentrated focus on local customers and markets in the Carolinas.

Throughout our journey, the cornerstone of our success has always been our dedicated employees, who carry forward Mr. Heyward’s legacy of hard work and commitment to serving our customers and principals. Today, our primary markets remain in Power, Water, and Wastewater treatment.

At Heyward, our mission is clear: work hard every day to make Heyward the North and South Carolina’s most respected brand in the water process industry. Our sales engineers are all highly qualified, holding degrees in Mechanical, Civil, Environmental, or Electrical Engineering. Complementing our sales team, we have a robust sales support staff comprising aftermarket sales specialists, OEM and instrumentation sales experts, project management assistants, Heyward Services engineering professionals, and service personnel.

We are proud of our history, committed to our mission, and excited about the future as we continue to serve our customers with excellence.

To maintain the highest quality, Heyward is associated with several organizations such as:

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