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Steve Rea – Independent Nuclear Advocate who began his journey at Heyward.

Steve Rea started running the Nuclear Power sector of Heyward in the mid-90’s. He was with the company for 33 years before retiring and beginning his journey as an Independent Nuclear Advocate. Steve shared, “without my 33 years at Heyward, I would not have the platform to advocate for the Nuclear Power Industry like I have for the past 2 years (since retiring).” Steve’s motivation and passion for this initiative has led him to organize and promote many different endeavors including testifying before the NC Utility Division and having his testimony published in the ANS October 2022 issue of Nuclear News.

Steve shared that 50% of the power in North Carolina is Nuclear Power – the state plans to meet zero CO2 emissions by 2050 with a combination of more nuclear power, solar and wind. Steve is an advocate for this initiative because Nuclear Power is both safe and reliable. Many large power companies, such as Duke Energy, are making a turn for growth in the industry by bringing more Nuclear Power Plants to NC.

The state of North Carolina is very environmentally focused, as is Heyward. Steve says that Nuclear Power is the ultimate “green technology”, and he’s thankful that all his years at Heyward gave him the voice and opportunity to share this knowledge at a higher level.