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Brian Lee is inducted into the Legends of Carolina Martial Arts

May, 10, 2018

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Heyward attending WEFTEC in Chicago

Aug, 22, 2017

Meet the Heyward TEAM attending WEFTEC!... Read More

Heyward welcomes Jon McGraw to the team

Jun, 12, 2017

Heyward Incorporated is proud to announce Jon McGraw has joined... Read More

Heyward Partners with YSI, Inc.

Nov, 11, 2016

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Heyward Incorporated and Lovibond® Partner

Nov, 11, 2016

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Heyward is headed to New Orleans

Sep, 09, 2016

Heyward is headed to New Orleans... Read More

Welcome Waterman Industries

Jul, 21, 2016

Heyward Incorporated is pleased to announce our representation of Waterman Industries in the Municipal and Industrial markets... Read More

More about the Heyward TEAM at ACE16

May, 27, 2016

Meet the Heyward TEAM attending ACE16... Read More

Thank you, Veterans!

Nov, 11, 2015

Heyward extends a special thanks to our employees and their families, both past and present... Read More

NCSU Student Leadership Initiative Recognizes Stephen G. Rea

May, 05, 2015

Congratulations to Heyward Incorporated's Steve Rea who is featured as one of NCSU’s student leaders, sharing his own story of leadership during college...... Read More

Heyward extends a special thanks!

Nov, 13, 2014

We extend a special thanks to our employees and their families... ... Read More

Blue-White® Flex-A-Prene™

Oct, 16, 2014

Blue-White® is proud to introduce a new heavy-duty pump tube, Flex-A-Prene™ available exclusively for Blue-White’s Flex-Pro and Proseries-M Peristaltic Metering Pumps.... Read More

Heyward Incorporated Partners with Hayward Gordon

Oct, 10, 2014

We are pleased to announce that Heyward Incorporated has partnered with Hayward Gordon in both North and South Carolina municipal, industrial and power markets.... Read More

Heyward announces 2015 Valve Seminars

Oct, 10, 2014

Heyward Incorporated and GA Industries, in a joint effort, will be sponsoring a technical presentation to address the function, application and selection of automatic valves...... Read More

Building dedication

May, 30, 2014

As an integral part of Heyward Incorporated, John M. Blackmon put forth the focus and energy to lead... Read More

Valley Proteins updates the wastewater plant

Jan, 14, 2014

Valley Proteins is gearing up for their addition to the wastewater plant. With that addition, they purchased eight new Aqua Aerobic surface Aerators, as well as one new Aqua Aerobic mixer to be used in the new section of the plant.... Read More

Heyward is attending AUG/MUG

Jan, 14, 2014

Steve Rea and Kevin Welch are attending AUG/MUG in Jacksonville, FL the week of January 13th, 2014. AUG/MUG stands for Air operated Users Group and Motor operated Users Group.... Read More

Heyward will exhibit in local shows

Oct, 23, 2013

The SC Operator’s Conference and The 93rd NC AWWA-WEA Annual Conference... Read More

The Benefits of ChemScan

Sep, 19, 2013

Learn more about the benefits of ChemScan for your Chloramination process. Chloramines are more stable, reduce THM formation, are secondary disinfectants, and minimize objectionable tastes and odors.... Read More

Heyward Participated at WEFTEC®: Chicago

Sep, 19, 2013

If you’re headed to Chicago, look for Tim, Gary, Jim, Mike, Chris and Doug at WEFTEC®. We have created a downloadable flyer as a show guide to our Principals and an easy way to contact the Heyward guys at the show. Hope to see you there!... Read More

Heyward Partners With SevenSeventeen, LLC

Jun, 07, 2013

This joint venture brings online Trihalomethanes (THMs) and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) instrumentation to the Carolinas. This advanced technology can be utilized in a variety of markets, including water, wastewater, and industry. MultiSensor’s systems provide a great optimization tool for treatment plants and distribution systems, continuously monitoring TTHM’s or VOC’s.... Read More

The Heyward family has grown yet again

May, 01, 2013

The Heyward family has grown yet again. Kelley Wilber agreed to join us as an Inside Sales Engineer and will primarily focus on instrumentation products and applications. Her experience adds to Heyward’s ability to meet the demands of our clients and partners. Welcome to the family, Kelley!... Read More

Heyward Welcomes Zaps Technologies

Apr, 23, 2013

Zaps Technologies is one of the newest members to the Heyward family. Zaps is the manufacturer of the Liquid ID, which in addition to BOD and e coli, has the capability to simultaneously monitor all of the standard water and wastewater parameters in real time. Zaps will be present at WEFTEC in the Innovative Technology Pavilion.... Read More

Heyward Welcomes Robuschi®

Apr, 09, 2013

Heyward welcomes the Robuschi® division of Gardner Denver to its portfolio. Robuschi® is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of positive displacement blowers across several industries, including water and wastewater. Robuschi® USA, based in Charlotte, NC, integrates blower and aftermarket parts inventories and blower repair.... Read More

Heyward Now Represents Krohne, Inc.

Mar, 30, 2013

Heyward now represents Krohne, Inc. in NC and SC. Krohne is the world’s market leader in the electromagnetic flow meter market. In addition to the flow meters, Krohne is a top manufacturer of ultrasonic and radar level measurement equipment.... Read More

Welcome Two New Employees

Mar, 01, 2013

Please join us in welcoming two new employees. Rob Galloway has joined us to focus on the industrial aftermarket applications in North and South Carolina. Chad Carlson's focus is on municipal aftermarket applications in South Carolina. Welcome, Rob and Chad!... Read More

NCAWWA-WEA Annual Conference

Nov, 11, 2012

Look for Jim Cooper, Keith Hall, Gary Broome, Tim Bishop, Tony Mencome, and Mike Davis at the NCAWWA-WEA Annual Conference in Raleigh, NC!... Read More

Heyward Partners With Ashbrook Simon-Hartley®

Oct, 17, 2012

Heyward Incorporated partners with Ashbrook Simon-Hartley®. Ashbrook, recently purchased by Alfa Laval, brings the largest installed base of any belt press and gravity belt press manufacturer to the Carolinas. With their application, design, service and support, Alfa Laval and Ashbrook bring the industries top technologies together for sludge thickening and dewatering.... Read More

WEASC Industrial Workshop

Sep, 19, 2012

Look for Mike Davis at the WEASC Industrial Workshop in Lexington, SC!... Read More